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Jarvis Law Firm, PC is a business-oriented law firm in Mobile, Alabama with significant experience in the areas of construction law, collections, business litigation and estate representation. Jarvis Law Firm loves small business because we are a small business. Mobile construction law lawyer Adam Jarvis grew up working at his family's Mobile, Alabama plumbing company. Today he continues to serve contractors, small businesses and individuals in Alabama, Florida and Louisiana by protecting and defending their rights. If you have a legal dispute or overdue invoice, call or text the Jarvis Law Firm today at (251) 219-9706 and set up a free consultation to find out if we can help you.

The Jarvis Law Firm is honored to represent local businesses and citizens of Mobile and Baldwin County Alabama for contract disputes, business litigation and other civil litigation. Alabama Business Litigation Attorney Adam Jarvis brings to every client relationship the values of gratitude, service and stewardship. We are a small firm which allows us to represent you efficiently and affordably to address your legal needs such as contract drafting and review, demand letters, mechanics liens, lien removal, insurance and bond claims, breach of contract, business litigation and other civil litigation.

Demand Letters, Letters From You, Letters From Jarvis Law Firm

Demand letters that are timely and properly drafted can get an overdue or disputed invoice paid. State and federal statutes require particular language in a demand letter for it to be legally effective and set strict timelines for delivery. Don't let time run out; call the Jarvis Law Firm so we can help you understand your legal rights. A well drafted demand letter specifically explains a party's position regarding the facts of a dispute and that party's legal rights. Often, the first demand letter on an overdue invoice should come from the client. If you would like help drafting form demand letters that are tailored to your business, we can help for a low flat fee. When an initial demand letter is not effective in converting an invoice to a payment, the Jarvis Law Firm will send a demand letter directly from Mobile construction law lawyer Adam Jarvis. Preparing and sending demand letters for our clients is a routine service we provide, and we will be happy to quote you a low flat fee for your demand letters. Call the Jarvis Law Firm today to find out how we can help you position your collection matters or dispute for success.

Mechanics Lien, Suppliers Liens

For contractors and people whose profession is a trade, a mechanics lien is often the most efficient and effective means to make an owner pay for your work and materials. While most contractors and trades people file liens themselves, the Jarvis Law Firm is ready and willing to immediately file your liens for a low flat fee. You are welcome to contact us as soon as you have an overdue or disputed invoice, and we will ensure that your liens are filed on time in the right courthouse. We want to make getting you paid easy. When it comes time for lien removal, we'll handle that too. If you're in the Mobile Bay area and you are looking for an experienced construction law lawyer, call us today and let us help you collect what's due.

Contract Litigation

For most small businesses, rights between you and your vendors and between you and your customers are governed by contract law. Your contract rights are primarily governed by state law and the terms of the contract itself whether it is an oral agreement between the parties or a formalized signed writing. Business contract litigation attorney Adam Jarvis has been zealously protecting and defending his clients' contract rights for the last six years. The Jarvis Law Firm can help you draft form contracts that are tailored to your particular needs, review and negotiate contracts with third parties and represent you when an agreement breaks down. Call us today to set up a free consultation and we will give you our honest opinion about your contract rights and remedies and the best path to help you create success.

Business Litigation

Business litigation is often a prolonged, expensive, bitter process; but it doesn't have to be that way. The Jarvis Law Firm can help you assert your rights in an amicable, efficient and affordable way. Adam Jarvis has successfully litigated business disputes since 2012. At Jarvis Law Firm we are focused on de-escalating the situation and identifying solutions rather than stonewalling or scorched earth tactics that cost the parties more than the amount of the underlying dispute. You can afford effective representation in your dispute. Jarvis Law Firm offers flexible payment options including flat fees, hourly rate fees, contingent fees and mixed fees. Contact us today to discuss how the Jarvis Law Firm can help you resolve your business dispute.

Insurance Claims and Bond Claims

Insurance claims and bond claims can be complicated and time consuming for even the most sophisticated people, but the Jarvis Law Firm is happy to carry that burden for you. Let us deal with the hassle of gathering required documentation, organizing proof of the claim and effectively submitting that information to the insurer or bonding company. Adam Jarvis has successfully negotiated claims with insurance companies that settled for hundreds of thousand dollars. Whether you have a claim relating to an automobile accident, defective product, an injury at a business or against a homeowner's policy, the Jarvis Law Firm can help. Call or message us today and find out how fast and easy resolving your claim can be.

Estate Planning, Estate Representation

Estate planning is an important way to protect the gifts you intend to leave for the people and organizations about which you care the most. A well drafted last will and testament will simplify the administration of your estate and is itself a gift to the person you select to be your personal representative and your beneficiaries. There are situations were a trust is the best way to pass along your assets to the next generation or charitable organization. Whether your needs require a will, a trust or a combination of the two, the Jarvis Law Firm can help you navigate your options. The Jarvis Law Firm can also help you if you decide that you want to create an advanced healthcare directive. Advanced directives may include a living will, a durable power of attorney or a health care proxy. A living will is a document outlining your wishes regarding healthcare treatments and interventions in the event you become incapable of making your own health care decisions. Many clients also chose to execute a durable power of attorney so that a person of their choosing can made legal decisions for them in the event they become incapacitated. A health care proxy appoints a representative who can make health care decisions consistent with and based on your expressed will.

Let Us Know How We Can Help You Today

The Jarvis Law Firm is a general law practice and represents other types of cases not described above. If you are unsure whether your legal issue is the right fit for the Jarvis Law Firm, please call us at (251) 219-9706 today to set up a free initial consultation. If it is difficult for you to come to our office in Downtown Mobile, we may be able to come to you. Our Mobile construction law attorneys love our clients, and it is our honor to fight for them every single day. Don't let time run out to assert your legal rights. We would be grateful to find out if we can help you today.

Client Reviews
I serve as board chair of a Birmingham non-profit. Attorney Adam Jarvis was instrumental in our organization receiving an award of $1,375,655 in damages as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. He very skillfully dealt with several legal issues that could have resulted in denial of our claim. Lee
I recently worked with Adam at Jarvis Law firm to create an LLC for my speech therapy business. He took the time to create the LLC for me and more importantly, to answer all of my questions. He was courteous and thorough in explaining the process throughout. I would highly recommend Jarvis Law firm for any of your law needs! Rebecca Bowen
Adam Jarvis represented my company in a breach of contract suit against a multi-national manufacturer. His representation helped us win a hard fought case. Adam was there for me when I needed him. Stanley Small
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